We use an all natural lightening system called Bryght. 

Bryght can be used on any dark spots; such as acne scars, pigmentation, melasma, sunspots, & more!

Ideal for scars, any dark spots, pregnancy marks, sun damage, and smokers.

  • works on all skin tones

  • safe to use on all areas- externally

  • ideal for use post hair removal

  • synergistic antioxidant combination

  • no silicones. no parabens. no fragrance. no colorants. no animal testing. plant based ingredients. 

Anal Bleaching $65

Lightening just between the cheeks.  Includes Between the Cheeks Wax service.

Bikini Line Lightening $85

* Women Only * Does not include labia. Includes Bikini Line Wax service.

Decollete Lightening $135
Let us help lighten those sun or age spots on your decollete (upper chest) area.  


Derriere & Anal Bleaching $165
​We will lighten and wax your derrier and between the cheeks area.  Wax Services also included.

Derriere Lightening $120
​For those unsightly marks on your bum, let us help you shine!  Includes Butt Cheeks Wax Service.

Elbow Lightening $100
Our technician will help you lighten those unsightly dark elbows.

Face Lightening $100

Sunspots?  Age Spots?  Let our licensed estheticians work this area to reduce those pigmentations spots naturally.

Hand Lightening $100

Our technician will work both hands for age related discoloration of the hands.

Inner Thigh Lightening $100

Rubbing between the thighs got you marked?  Our technicians will work to reduce that pigmentation.

Knee Lightening $100

Our technician will help you lighten those unsightly dark knees.

Underarm Lightening $100

Shaving all those years got your underarms discolored?  Our technician will wax and lighten this area.