Men's Signature Pedicure - $40

45min | This service is the same as our signature pedicure without the painting option to cater specifically to our male clientele.

Signature Manicure - $26

45 min | Not your ordinary basic manicure. Using a symphony of essential oils, vitamin E and antioxidants we will clean, shape, and treat the nails and cuticles, exfoliate, massage and moisturize the hands, and end with a beautiful buff to shine or a clear coat of polish.


Old Fashioned Facial for HIM - $85

1h | The health benefits of this French Oak Smoked Bourbon facial boosts your antioxidant levels to new heights! The cumulative effect of its antioxidant power helps reduce the effects of aging. French Oak treats both surface skin as well as hair follicles on men’s beards. This Smoked Bourbon Enzyme of this brick-and-mortar facial helps to reveal fresh healthy skin. The Black Pepper Detox Mask has a warm, spicy and relaxing aroma that increases blood circulation which helps detoxify the skin. This duo helps to reduce heat rash, addresses dark spots, and manages breakouts. Enjoy Responsibly, Enjoy Monthly!

Back-cial - $75

45min | Targeting treatment for that hard to reach place including steam, cleansing with a rotary brush, exfoliation, extractions if necessary, treatment mask, and massage Treat bacne, inflammation, dry skin, and oily skin Upgrade to our natural hemp extract products for $30 additional! Please make a notation when you schedule.


Brow Wax & Design - $25

15min | Have a love-hate relationship with your brows? Let us help you love them again! We really focus on giving you the shape you want, so we carefully sculpt that perfect arch for you. Recommended every 2-3 weeks. Brow maintenance - $15


Nose - $15

5min | For those pesky, unsightly hairs that stick out of the bottom of your nose. We do not remove all hair inside the nose cavity for health reasons, just that is visible from the outside.

Ears - $15

10min | For those pesky, unsightly hairs that stick out of your ears.

Shoulders - $20

15min | Remove the hair from your shoulders


Back - $55

30min | Looking to have a back free of hair for up to a month? Tired of repeatedly shaving and dealing with razor burn? Try coming in for a back wax. With waxing, you get long-lasting results and with time the hair will start to grow in thinner and more sparse. Recommended every 4-6 weeks.

Chest & Stomach - $45

30min | For a clean and smooth chest & stomach.

Chest - $25

30min | For a clean and smooth chest only.


Stomach - $25

15min | From below the chest to the belly button.

Stomach Strip - $18

15min | Sometimes that happy trail doesn't make you so happy... But no worries! We'll get it cleaned up for you!